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Hello LMC Class 22! We are currently getting ready to kick off our next year of LMC. As part of that, we start with a planning workshop held in July. As we have discussed, this is your chance to contribute towards improvement suggestions for our course content. During this evening workshop, we will break out into groups who will be working on each session to review what worked well last year and what could possibly be changed for the better.

Please save the date of July 12th at 5:30pm in your calendars and expect to hear more in the coming month. I will also be sending out an RSVP in about three weeks to get a head count on who all will be able to attend.

Also, as each of you have signed up to contribute in the various sessions next year, you should be expecting your session chair persons to be reaching out to you to touch base and to share information that will be reviewed during the July workshop.

Have a great summer! Mark Palen

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