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Ok, I have an update on how the book situation will be handled. We already have the first book that you need -- When Everyone Leads. Please stop by Frasier, Johnson & Martin, LLC at 116 N Hersey Ave in Beloit to pick up your copy of the book. If you are unable to make it there during business hours or live out of town, please let me know and I will make arrangements to get your book to you.

For the second book -- Your Leadership Edge -- we plan to purchase copies of these when we arrive and will distribute them to you at that time. I've consulted with the team at KLC and they said you should be fine to not have that book ahead of time.

I will have more details early next week regarding schedule and room assignments at the hotel.

We will plan to…


Good morning LMC Class,

You should have received an email from Kansas Leadership Center yesterday with instructions to prepare for the workshop in a couple weeks. In that email, it suggested that you need to purchase two books. Please hold off on doing that as we determine how we will handle this. You can expect further communication regarding this as well as details regarding our trip in the next couple of days.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again! Regards,

Mark Palen


LMC Class,

Attached you will find the LMC March Session Agenda as well as the previously sent Homework Activity. I am sure you have been active in preparing with your assigned group for your presentation at the session.

Also, there will be a bit of walking so wear comfortable shoes. We are unsure regarding the weather, so dress accordingly.

Nicki Cleveland <>10:24 AM (0 minutes ago) to Casey, Brady, jporter, Jeff, Lauren

Good morning, all! We have some great news! Aaron, Project Adam Coordinator, loves your Safety Response Plans! All that needs to be completed is the checklist (attached to this email). Once completed, please scan and email to Aaron Ryan. He is going to be mailing a Heart Safe School Designation certificate for each building! He also would like to Zoom in on the next board meeting, if possible. (Just need to know the date and time of that, please.) He will only need a few minutes to review/congratulate! He mentioned to make sure the annual safety drill is getting completed, which can occur during an in-service. (We suggest you page overhead "CERP Team" to whatever location.)

We also need to make sure that you coordinate with EMS, which we can help do if you would like. Just for them to know…

Angie Ahlvers
Britainee Serrault

Happy Thursday Class 22!!

Curt stated that he is still missing surveys for class speaker and LMC Board interest from a handful of you. We may be missing your name tags too?

If you have not turned in this survey, please drop your responses and name tags at Frasier, Johnson, and Martin in Beloit, ASAP. If they are closed, you are welcome to leave these items in their drop box.

Let myself or your mentor know if you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you have any questions.



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