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Thank you for your interest in Leadership Mitchell County.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2024-2025 class.

Contact Information 

Current Employment

Previous Employment


Organizations & Activities



Commitment to Session Dates & Program Qualifications

Session dates & program qualifications are listed HERE. Please confirm that you understand expectations and are available to commit to all of these dates. If you are unable to make it to all the sessions we ask that you consider applying next year. 

2nd Year Commitment

As a graduating class member of LMC - 2nd year participation requirements include:

  1. Co-facilitating a minimum of one class session alongside LMC board members during the 2025-2026

  2. Participating in a planning workshop held in July of 2025 to prepare for next year's program

  3. Participating with your fellow class members as hosts for the evening meal during the September 2025 class session located at Ringneck Ranch


Tuition for the class is $300. If accepted, who will be paying your tuition?

If you are an employer-sponsored applicant please download the Authorization to Participate form. This form is required before acceptance into the program can be granted. 

Thank you for submitting your application to LMC!


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